How can I avail my CPS Warranty? (& other FAQs)

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Since your item is covered by CPS Extended Warranty, please find below on how to use it as well as some of the most popular questions asked:

Q: What happens if my product breaks?

A: You can contact CPS directly to file a claim in three ways:

  • Online at and click the “File a Claim” button
  • Via email at
  • Call-in toll-free at 800-905-0443

Q: Is a CPS Warranty just an extension of the existing manufacturer’s warranty?

A: No, actually it's an upgrade to your existing manufacturer’s warranty. A CPS Warranty offers benefits that aren't offered by manufacturers like accidental damage & free shipping.

Q: What’s the difference between a Replacement Plan and a Repair Plan?

A: A Replacement Plan is available for products under $150. If the product fails, you will be reimbursed for what you paid for the product minus shipping and tax.

A Repair Plan is for products over $150 and offers free repair coverage for your product at any time during the life of your warranty. If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it!

Q: How am I covered?

A: For the Replacement Plan, your coverage provides for a one-time replacement of the covered product. For the Repair Plan, you are covered for a period of up to three years (depending on which plan you purchase). Benefits include parts and labor for required repairs on your product.

Q: Can I transfer the Protection Plan to a new owner?

A: Yes! CPS Warranties are transferable between owners.

Q: Is my product covered if it’s stolen or if I lose it?

A. Unfortunately, the CPS Warranty does not cover lost or stolen products.

Q: Is there a deductible?

A; Zero dollar deductible for the Replacement Plans and the Repair Plans.

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