What Is A Digital Product?

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A digital product is typically software, an app, or an online course that has to be redeemed on a merchant’s website after purchasing. This redemption process is referred to as “claiming” or “redeeming” and involves step-by-step instructions, a redemption or download link, and/or a license code.  

In order to access your product, some redemption processes may or may not require you to download the software application in order to use it. Applications may also have compatibility with certain operating systems or versions in order to be installed.  

Unlike a physical product, you will not receive this item via regular mail. This will require instructions on how to redeem with a link and/or license code post-purchase in order to access the product or service in order to use it. This can be accessed via your order confirmation email or the Purchases Tab of your account.

How to Access Your Digital Product:

  1. Go to your account's Purchases Tab
    • If you are having trouble finding your account, please reference the original email address and password used during checkout
    • If you purchased as a Guest User, either create an account and password or locate your Order Confirmation email   
    • Option 1: Login and locate your Purchases Tab under your account name
    • Option 2: Locate your Order Confirmation Email and click on the “Redeem Your Purchase” link 
  2. Locate the digital product you are trying to redeem. 
  3. Click on “Product Details” to expand the redemption instructions. 
  4. When you’re ready to redeem your product, click the “Claim My Code” button. 
    • Note: Once you click the “Claim My Code” button, the item is no longer available for a refund or return.  
  5. Once you have clicked “Claim My Code”, you’ll see redemption instructions, a redemption link, and/or a license code appear.
  6. Follow the instructions listed to complete the redemption process to access your product.

Customer Support can also claim your license code for you and provide your redemption instructions. 
Please note though once a digital purchase is claimed, it is no longer refundable.

If you'd like the Customer Support Team to do this for you, submit a request confirming that you consent to the team claiming the code on your behalf.

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