Troubleshooting FAQs

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  • Please try coping & pasting the redemption link into your mobile browser vs clicking on the redemption link on the Purchases Tab. Some merchant redemption processes require codes to be redeemed via a browser link before accessing that product’s mobile app.

  • Try updating and using another browser. Many times, issues can be resolved by simply changing browsers. We recommend Google Chrome. Download it here

  • Please try these troubleshooting tricks & tips: here

  • If your License Code states “We are currently acquiring your license for this product. Please check back soon” Please wait 24 hours to allow the transaction to process through our system. If the same message is still displaying after 24 hours, please reach out to our Support team here under Redemption Issue.

  • If you clicked on the redemption link that was provided from the Purchases Tab and are now landing on an invalid error message page or 404 error message, please reach out to our Support team here

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