Where is My Referral Credit?

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To receive $10 in referral credits:

  1. The new user must create an account using your referral link through Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. The referral link can be found under your Account > Credits Tab.

  2. The new user must purchase an item for over $10 for you to receive $10 referral credits. 
  3. If the person you referred spends more than $50 on their first purchase, they will also receive $10 in credits.
  4. The referral credits will be issued one month after their purchase.
  5. Credits expire after 3 months
  6. Credits are issued based on the pre-tax & pre-shipping purchase total.
  7. Pay-What-You-Want deals do not qualify for Referral Credits.

If you would like to view your credit balance or read more about the program, please visit the Credits Tab in your Account or check out our Terms.

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